Lead Therapist 2008
Grace has been at Botanik Spa since its opening in 2008. She is a fully qualified and experienced therapist. She performs facials, anti-aging treatments, massages, and body treatments.
Grace believes in non-invasive procedures that naturally trigger the skin’s restoring processes by stimulating production of collagen. Her customer’s skin has proven to become firmer and more uplifted in the process over recent years of practice, she has mastered: micro current treatment, Wishpro rejuvenating, and radiofrequency therapy. These methods help to jumpstart the skin’s healing process and they provide toning and tightening benefits that leave skin looking younger and brighter. Customizing facial treatments to the individual clients’ needs is one of Grace’s specialties. Her gentle touch and eye for precision are also evident in her wax services.
She is very appreciated by her clients for her soothing rhythmic massage that helps to stimulate natural lymphatic drainage while sculpting the body.